When Will was 6 years old, he asked me to make him a bracelet out of the bright neon orange duct tape that we were using in an art project.  I rolled the tape into a tiny orange rope and tied his new bracelet around his wrist.  He immediately asked that I make one for me as well. 

"It’s a kissing portal, mom, so I can send you kisses all day, no matter where I am.
And you can send kisses back." 

Kissing Portal Bracelets

Satin Cord

Beautiful satin cord with raw brass Portal, with a slide clasp.

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Stretch Cord

The stretch cord allows for easy on-and-off. Originally designed for kids, but great for us adults too. Also available in BLACK.

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Black Portal

Heavier, rugged stretch cord with a larger black brass Portal.


Hugs all day long.

What started two years ago as a way for a child to connect to his mom or dad while at school, evolved into a portal for anyone to share hugs and kisses from afar.  Especially now, when friends and family cannot be together in person, the Portal gives you a way to connect and share the love. Whenever the thought strikes you.

The Portal provides a constant connection between children and their parents.  An always-on-my-mind for sweethearts. A wish-we-were-together for families apart during the holidays. A thank-god-you're-with-me present for your squad, peeps, besties. 


One for you, one for me.

Pick a bracelet for you and one for each person on the other end of the portal. Then you can send hugs, kisses, hellos, thoughts, thru your Portal straight to someone you love.

Send your gift.

Each bracelet comes in a cute little gift box with personally signed card. You choose to:

1. Have the complete Portal kit sent to you. You sign the cards, tie the bows, and you share to each person. or..

2. Have each bracelet shipped separately, directly from us.  Please create an order for each shipping location.  We can sign the card for you.  You will need to provide the TO/FROM in the notes section at checkout.   

Make your mark.

A custom tag can be added, select 1-2 letters that that applies to your Kissing Portal network, like a family initial, nicknames, OX, or a heart.  Please note your letter/s at checkout. 

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