When Will was 6 years old, he asked me to make him a bracelet out of the bright neon orange duct tape that we were using in an art project.  I rolled the tape into a tiny orange rope and tied his new bracelet around his wrist.  He immediately asked that I make one for me as well. 

"It’s a kissing portal, mom, so I can send you kisses all day, no matter where I am.
And you can send kisses back." 

Kissing Portal Bracelets

Satin Cord

Beautiful satin cord with raw brass Portal, with a slide clasp.

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Stretch Cord

The stretch cord allows for easy on-and-off. Originally designed for kids, but great for us adults too.

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Black Portal

Heavier, rugged stretch cord with a larger black brass Portal.


Dog Portal

Dogs, and their people, want hugs too.

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Hugs all day long.

What started two years ago as a way for a child to connect to his mom or dad while at school, evolved into a portal for anyone to share hugs and kisses from afar.  Especially now, when friends and family cannot be together in person, the Portal gives you a way to connect and share the love. Whenever the thought strikes you.

The Portal provides a constant connection between children and their parents.  An always-on-my-mind for sweethearts. A wish-we-were-together for families apart during the holidays. A thank-god-you're-with-me present for your squad, peeps, besties. 

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